Mars Travel Time From Earth: EmDrive Engine Could Get Us There In 10 Weeks, Rumored NASA Study Says. It depends on the details of the orbit you take between the Earth and Mars. By Rod Pyle 02 June 2015. Such vehicles could … The typical time during Mars's closest approach to the Earth every 1.6 years is about 260 days. The time required was derived, about 8.5 months, as well as the position of Mars at the time of launch, about 45° past closest approach. You need to get some books telling about our solar system, then you will know what you are saying is right or not. This section calculates two essential details: the velocity boost needed to inject the Mars spaceship into the transfer orbit, and the arrival velocity at the orbit of Mars. The shortest traveling time to mars is nine months, then you will have to stay on mars for one year until earth and mars is in the right position again to make the return flight back to earth from mars. NASA Chief Wants to Cut Mars Travel Time in Half. This, by the way, is called a Hoeman Transfer Orbit, and is the main stay of interplanetary space travel. OK, a 1000 kg craft like curiosity will take 30 days to reach Mars. To determine that position one needs to know the duration of the flight from P to A, and that is derived below , using Kepler's 3rd law. Total round trip time for a fast transit mission is typically under 900 days. Hi Evan, you wrote “which he thinks could reduce the travel time from Earth to Mars to just 3 days, for a 100 kg craft”. With sensible increases in propulsive energy, the travel times to and from Mars can be reduced by up to 100 days each way (one-way travel times range from 120 to 180 days), resulting in an increase in surface stay times to a total of 600+ days. Interplanetary spaceflight or interplanetary travel is travel between planets, ... A spacecraft traveling from Earth to Mars via this method will arrive near Mars orbit in approximately 8.5 months, ... and in many cases the overall travel time is greatly reduced. Shares. Artist's concept of a nuclear thermal rocket. The first trip to Mars is planned for 2022, which is an "aspirational" date, according … Mars should be in such a position relative to Earth at the time of launch, that it reaches point A at the same time as the spaceship does. NASA thinks there's a way to get to Mars in three days by Evan Gough, Universe Today Your aim has to be really really good. By Clark Mindock @clarkmindock 08/31/16 … What would it be like to travel to Mars in Musk's spaceship?