Sand (as in sandpaper) is abrasive. These instructional videos will show you how to get the most from your houseboat and your vacation at Lake Powell. I am not one of them. Houseboat beaching or anchoring techniques will vary with each location, but generally, it's a mooring process in which you pull the houseboat up to the shoreline and secure it to shore with land anchors or stakes and ropes. The Question Is: Should You? No Tinkering. In these cases, some people have improvised - drilling holes into the sandstone itself, in order to place large pieces of rebar or stakes to tie their anchor line. By Kevin Falvey. No one is born into this world, that I know of, with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to dock or maneuver boats, let alone bigger houseboats. It will scratch gelcoat, possibly cause water intrusion into the fiberglass laminate, and remove antifouling coatings if your boat is painted. Answer 1 of 7: Hi everyone, We intend to visit Kerala in November. Navigational procedures, how to beach and tie off, and other boating maneuvers are typically explained and demonstrated upon rental. What is Houseboat Staking (pin anchoring, stake anchoring, etc)? I know people do it all the time -- I personally don't advise it. Lake Powell has a unique shoreline. Sand (as in sandpaper) is abrasive. Houseboat Training Videos If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I operate a Lake Powell houseboat?” you’ve come to the right place. Even a first-time boater can learn how to pilot a houseboat after a short lesson. 2. Sometimes a sandy beach is hard to find to park your houseboat. Although some houseboats are powerful and fast enough to pull skiers, doing so is dangerous because a houseboat is not maneuverable enough. It will scratch gelcoat, possibly cause water intrusion into the fiberglass laminate, and remove antifouling coatings if your boat is painted. House boat landing. In addition, the large wake produced is not only discourteous to other craft but can be dangerous. However, each state has different pilot regulations, so be sure to check with your boat rental company before you go. I am not one of them. On a houseboat vacation, you’ll actually live on the water, but you’ll also be able to dock or beach and enjoy land whenever you want. Use the provided hammer or shovel to either pound in your stakes, or dig anchor holes. How To Beach Your Boat. Plenty of people beach their boats. Start securing your houseboat by first throwing the ropes to the beach and then move your stakes or anchors from the front of the houseboat to positions approximately 45 degrees from the boat (see illustration). July 31, 2013. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Does anyone know of a good hotel on the beach where there is also nice backwaters to stay on a houseboat for a couple of nights, or is it best to do a 2 centre. Plenty of people beach their boats. It is also a time-consuming nuisance to come about and retrieve a spilled skier. We've outlined the basic procedure of mooring a houseboat in this post to better prepare you for your trip. The houseboat docking 101 series helps boaters understand how to drive & dock house boats with single or dual engine, outboards, inboards, or sterndrives.